Friday, 7 August 2015

 Ending this blog ?

Hiya this isn't going to be a tutorial of anything. As the title states, i will be ending this blog. BUT i will be making an actual website. As more of you enter this lil blog of mine. i decided to make this a lil better for you guys out there. so...I will be making an actual website. The website hasn't been made yet, but  when it is I will put a link where all of you guys can see it. So..there is going to be a small lil break. So i hope you guys have a great day and will join me on my other website.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

How to be happy

Hiya everyone !!! So for today's blog post i am going to show you how you can be happier. There is nothing wrong with being too happy and yes once in a while some days can be dark and lonely or sad, but everyone has those sorts of days. What we want to do is limit those amount of days so that each minute of your life that will be on earth will have a more happy and energetic vibe/power.
So let's get started :D

Step 1:
Do the things that make you happy.
Whether it is singing really badly, painting enthusiastically, being in a play, exercising, dancing around like nobody aint watching etc. There are many many things people enjoy doing. If you don't know what makes you happy try out new things, (unless it involves you hurting someone or something, doing something illegal, or regretting it later) ;) I personally love painting, making people laugh, and surprising my friends. Yes that is Jared from supernatural dancing>>
If you can't think of any hobbies you have, then start something new you have always wanted to pursue...hey THAT RHYMED. If you can't think of anything then this is list of some stuff that can inspire you  ^-^

Step 3:

Make your favorite food XD
Everybody loves food and if you're on a diet you can swap any fatty ingredients that are high in fat or sugar, to different ingredients. For example my favorite food is generally cakes or cupcakes and even though i'm not on a diet if i was making cupcakes or cakes for my friends who was on a diet, i would either use less white sugar/brown sugar or i could use a substitute sweetener like stevia or something like honey. 

Here are some amazing healthy recipes from pinterest.

Be an optimist:

Being a pessimist can effect you emotionally just from the thinking the worst is to come after every situation. Seeing only the negative aspects of any situation can cause you to miss opportunities, and fail to take action that would otherwise improve your relationships and quality of life.
1.)Let go of your assumption that the world is against you
2.)Your past does not equal the future
3.)See yourself as a cause, not an effect
4.)Tell yourself positive outlets about everything around you

Image result for optimistic tumblr

Suicide is not an option: 

If you have your mind set on suicide, wipe that out of your mind.
Imagine it this way, you are a car driving along a bumpy road, a road filled with gravel and pot holes. As you are bumping along the road, the other cars that are driving away from you is scratching your beloved doors. After a while on being on the road, you find that you have just driven into a whole group of flies, this species of flies is called 'suicide'...So what do you do? you try and wipe them off the screen with  your windshield wipers, but you see the thing with these sorts of flies is that they are very stubborn, so you keep trying and trying until u have ran out of water to spray on your screen. And you think to yourself. How? How can i keep going if i can barely see the road...well you keep using your windshield wipers and eventually once it has all gone. You can now go on and reach your paradise. To make sure you see your paradise you need to be there living, breathing healthily and happily.
Now i will admit that that "deep and sentimental" paragraph i have just written is pretty crap, but i need you to understand that you shouldn't listen to all the douchebags and the fuckboys out there right now, and i shall give you a good tip you should alwayse remeber if you are going through this. The biggest revenge you can bestow upon them, is staying alive *disco ball lowers from singing, beegees pop up and start singing*

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I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you feel happier and bubblier
Byeee, talk to you guys next time xxxx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mermaid hair

Hiya, I haven't written that much lately due school *sighs* but it does not matter because i have currently been living in my favorite months. The month of October and November flew by so quickly,those two months also contains my favorite season...Autumn. But now that it is December it means 2 things CHRISTMAS AND MY BIRTHDAY !!! 
So i have started to blab on about thing that have nothing to do with this blog post. Today i'm going to show u a heat less way to achieve MERMAID HAIR !!!

Step one:
Wash your hair. This isn't a must but if you do wash your hair your waves WILL last longer and this is currently our goal LONG LASTING WAVES.Use whatever shampoo and conditioner you prefer

Step two:
This step depends on what hair type you have so
Afro hair: wet hair
Wavy hair:Damp or dry hair
Straight hair: (depending if your hair can curl easily) damp or dry hair
Straight Hair:(hard to curl) dry hair

Step 3:
After waiting for you hair to dry or not u will want to split your hair into 2 and dutch braid the two different sections
Here are different videos to teach you how to dutch braid
I would try and explain how to do a dutch braid but i am absolutely crap at explaining XD 

Step 4: 
Now, this is the easy part all u have to do is wait. What i do is just sleep over it

Viola you now have beautiful mermaid hair... so beautiful :')

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to stay fabulous.
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Love,Marshmanime xxx

Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to curl your hair without heat [loose/beachy curls]

Hellooo so on yesterday's blogpost i said that i would do a post about curled hair so.... here it is. I will be splitting this into different posts because that are many different ways to curl hair and there are different kind of curls. So i am going to star it off with a loose beachy curls tutorial. I will be showing you a heatless tutorial. Let's get started :) 

Method one. This is a heatless method but if your hair is hard to curl without heat. There is another method if you scroll down :)

Step 1

You should start of with damp hair if you have wavy hair and you can start with dry hair if your hair is straighter, and if  your hair is REALLY curly you will want to start this on wet hair.

I couldn't find a good picture of wet hair so here is a picture of a kawaii obama....tresure it my friend ;)

Add any hair serums or sprays that you do normally to maintain your natural hair. If you don't use any products then don't worry :3

step 2

If you have thin hair, split your hair into 2 sections, if you have thick hair, split your hair into 4 sections (these sections are where the curls are going to be) twist the sections all the way to the bottom (it should look something like a unicorn horn)
Clip up the sections to the top of your head. And sleep on it

....can you see a resemblance ;)

And then your done all you need to do now is unclip the sections and add any serums to take away any frizz you might get (if you have dry/damaged/frizzy hair...i unfortunately have all of those qualities in my hair ;'( )

your curls should resemble these loose curls.

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to stay fabulous
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Love, Marshmanime

Friday, 31 October 2014

Perfect straight hair.

Hello !! so long time no see. Today i wanted to talk about getting the perfect straight hair. First of all i just wanted to say is that there are many methods to straightning hair, unfortunately the methods that i have found helpful includes heat. I would also like to point out that my next blog post is probably going to be about curling if you would prefer curls or waves i will probably have that up by the time u are reading this :3 

1) The method that we all know how, is to get a straightener. This is the most effective method, but it is also the most damaging unfortunately.
So, what u will need to do is protect your hair from the heat of the straightener. I recommend Tresemme heat protection. But there are many other brands so i will leave a link to both.
Tresemme heat protection:
Different brands:


2) Get a decent straightener. The straightener i use is the babyliss straightener.
very long link i know...
But a decent straightener is the key to perfect straight hair and this product is also at a very good price ;)

3) Now onto the fun part. Straightening so
  1. Switch you hair straightener on so you don't have to wait for it to heat up later
  2. Brush your hair thoroughly cus you don't want to straighten over a really don't 

2. Apply the heat protectant to protect your fabulous hair

3. If you have thick, long, short hair or really curly hair you might want to tie half of the top part of your hair away so that you don't miss any parts of your hair.

4. take your hair straightener, clamp your hair down, and run it down your hair. You don't want to do it too slowly because it might burn your hair off.....yer we don't want that.
 But don't do it too quickly either because you will just end up manipulating the hair and you will cause static electricity to flow through your hair (your hair will start to stand up)

So do it at a medium speed. I normally have to spend it a bit longer on the ends of my hair so that it doesn't curl because i have natural beachy wavy hair.

And viola you have sassy straight silky hair

i would also like to say that every hair type is beautiful and there are people in the world that would be envious of your fabulous curly, wavy, or straight hair. And even though i hate having thick hair, i know that there are people who would love to have thick hair, so i try and cherish the things i have and you should too. 
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Love, marshmanime

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Save or toss ??

Today i am going to tell you when old makeup is too old.

Mascara ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 months


Liquid eyeliners---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 months


Foundations----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6-12 months

Lipgloss----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 year

Concealer--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 year
Lipstick----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 years
Powders---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 years

eye shadow-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 years

Sorry for not posting that much but this weekend has been very busy, so I thought that posting a quick blog post would be better than nothing, so thank you for reading my blogpost today. Anyways i hope you had a good day, it is currently 12.28 a.m SO i am going to make some tea or coffee and catch up on some american horror story. Who else loves Evan Peters *starts drooling* <3<3<3

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Love, Marshmanime

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Heyyy, i haven't spoken to u in a while. That is because of 2 stupid reasons
  1. i had to go back to school *sobs in the corner*
  2. My laptop died.....RIP Compaq Laptop ,u will not be missed. Sincerely the owner u kept overheating on *inserts rolling eyes emoji*
Going back to the last point, the reason why i said 'die' was because it had 300 over viruses -_- but it's fine because i have a new laptop which will hopefully last a lot longer than the last crappy one ^_^
But anyway i just wanted to post this to tell u that i will be post more often AND i will be changing my name (not my actual name but my website name) 

Welcome to Marshmanime's blog XD

....Ok fine i'll explain the name. Marshmanime is pronounced Marsh Manime (basically the last ''word'' is pronounced anime but with an 'm' at the front) and it is a combination of marshmallow and anime together. Your welcome ;)

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Love, Marshmanime <3